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Are Concrete Foundation Repairs Worth it? (Homeowners Guide)

The foundation is a major part of the home’s structure. Its importance is such that when it becomes weak, people in the house are at risk of a serious hazard. The obvious solution to this is to get the foundation fixed to prevent the problem from getting worse. However, foundation repairs don’t come cheap. When the cost of repair is considered, the convenient option would be to just live in a house with cracks in the wall or with a settling foundation. Unfortunately, this is never a good option.

In this article, we discuss why concrete foundation repairs are worth the cost. Our company provides concrete foundation repair in Cincinnati.

The seriousness of concrete foundation cracks

The most unmistakable indication that a foundation has a problem is the presence of one or more cracks through the floor. You should know that not all cracks are a sign of foundation problems. For example, seasonal temperature changes can cause a few hairline cracks to run through your concrete floor. You shouldn’t be bothered by these as they are mere signs of seasonal settlement cracks. However, deep cracks that sink into the ground are something to worry about because you may be facing foundation damage. The best thing to do on noticing this is to call a professional foundation repair contractor.

Asides from the appearance of deep cracks in the floor, you may find that most of the other foundation problems may not give obvious signs. Of course, cracks on your wall are a noticeable sign. Issues under your home’s surface could manifest themselves by uneven floors. A tilting chimney is also a sign that you should contact a foundation repair contractor to inspect your foundation.

Any combination of these signs is enough to make your foundation a candidate for repair. So, it is important that you engage the service of a professional to fix whatever the problem is. Failure to have an immediate foundation inspection and repair could keep making the foundation issue get worse and cost you more to repair down the line.

Why you should never delay your concrete foundation repair

  • Repair costs will continue to increase
  • The damage continues to expand to other parts of the foundation
  • You may notice a sudden increase in your electric bills
  • The value of your property will greatly decrease
  • The invasion of mold and mildew on your property
  • Insects could start infesting your property.
  • Moisture penetration could cause damage to your property
  • You may have to wait for a long time to get the service of foundation repair contractors.

Are foundation repairs worth it?

There are levels to foundation repairs, all determined by the severity of the damage and the complexity of the repair. Keep in mind that it is always better to address your foundation problems as soon as they are discovered to prevent them from getting worse with time. A foundation that is shaky gets further warped when subjected to constant pressure. And when the time for repairs comes, you will incur more costs due to excess damage. However, attending to the foundation problem on time ultimately helps you save more on repairs.

The best way to determine whether concrete foundation repairs are worth it is to compare the repair costs against the property’s resale value. If the foundation of a house is damaged, you can expect its value to be reduced when it’s time to sell. Although some homebuyers especially look to buy such properties, they are likely to have challenges financing them. This is because many mortgage and loan companies have the policy of not funding the purchase of properties with clear signs of structural damage. 

Considering the decline of the home’s value and the difficulty in selling it, you may be left to maintain a property that can’t yield you anything in the long run.

Can all foundation problems be fixed?

As earlier stated, there are levels to foundation cracks, and so, the right approach must be used in the repair of cracks. For example, temporary fixes can sometimes create bigger foundation problems down the line. 

Always keep in mind that concrete foundation problems are structural issues that require the expertise of foundation repair contractors. These professionals will inspect your foundation and let you know the best approach to get the problem solved.

Final thoughts on concrete foundation repair

Concrete foundation problems can be quite complex and their repairs should not be attempted by an inexperienced person. While cosmetic patches can conceal cracks and give the appearance the structure is in perfect form, the foundation problems can resurface when it’s time to resell the property, which makes it difficult to sell the property at a meaningful price.

When concrete foundation issues are discovered, immediately call a reputable contractor for inspection and repair. Ensure that you confirm the professionalism and reputation of the foundation repair contractor from online sources such as the Better Business Bureau.

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