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Do Roofers Need to Be GAF Certified to Provide Roofing Services?

It is quite common to see homeowners complain about the poor services of roofing companies. More often than not, these complaints can be traced to these homeowners opting for low-cost bidders who gave them warranties.

Warranties are supposed to give you peace of mind, especially because it makes no sense for a contractor to do a poor job knowing they’d have to come back to redo the job at no cost. While this is theoretically true, another truth is about 50% of small businesses go belly up within the first 5 years, and only a third last for more than 10 years.

With this in mind, you should ask yourself what benefit warranties will serve if the company will not live long enough to fulfill its promise. That is why you want to be sure that the contractor has the capacity to offer the warranties they offer. Click here for more information.

Must a roofer be GAF certified?

Roofers don’t have to be GAF certified to provide roofing services, but you shouldn’t be the one hiring a contractor that’s not certified.

GAF certification serves as an instrument of accountability and a sign of reliability. And the requirements for getting GAF certified are stringent. That explains why only 3% of roofing contractors are GAF certified. For example, a contractor will have to show proof that they comply with the state licensing requirements, they have a good reputation in their service area, and they have ongoing professional training.

Benefits of hiring a GAF-certified roofing service

  • Only a certified contractor can offer the Golden Pledge Limited Warranties, which gives you lifetime coverage on manufacturing defects, environmental hazards, and workmanship. With this, you have nothing to worry about even if the contractor you hire goes out of business.
  • GAF-certified roofing services are up to date on the industry codes and best practices for roof installation.
  • A fake contractor can easily play games to get online reviews, but GAF certification is proof that they’ve paid their dues. The roofer’s track record and reputation can be easily verified when they are GAF certified.


Although a roofer doesn’t have to be GAF certified to provide roofing services, the peace of mind that comes with hiring a certified roofing contractor is immense. You’re guaranteed quality service and you’re sure that they’re able to offer the warranties they promise. Visit the GAF website to verify whether the roofer is certified.

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