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Homeowners Guide: When to Call for Emergency AC Repair in Texas

Deciding when it is time to call for emergency AC repair in TX is sometimes pretty obvious. For example, if you can’t turn your system on and it’s starting to get uncomfortably warm, that’s a good indication that you need an AC repair technician sent to your home or office immediately. However, other times, it’s not so apparent that you need emergency services.

You should call for emergency AC repair in Spring, TX if your AC stops working, it’s making strange noises, the unit won’t shut off, you smell odd odors, or you can’t control the system through the thermostat.

Knowing these factors may not be enough to clear up the confusion unless you’ve been trained in air conditioning repair. Let’s take a look at a deeper explanation. Then, you can feel confident calling your heating and cooling company at the right time.

The Air Conditioner Has Stopped Working

Of course, this is going to be the most apparent emergency on an AC unit. When the temperatures outside demand the use of an air conditioner on the inside, a team that quits working can lead to severe risks. Extremely high temperatures require an operational air conditioner to keep the occupants inside the building safe. If the heat rises too much, it could lead to health emergencies, especially for those that don’t tolerate warm weather well.

If you come home, wake up, or notice that your AC has stopped working at one point during the day, you should call in a professional immediately. Most heating and cooling companies offer 24-hour services, and they will show up at all times to ensure that you and your family are safe and, most importantly, comfortable. Finding a reputable one near you that you trust is something you should consider doing before you ever have unexpected problems to deal with. That way, you can be ready if or when the need for an expert ever comes.

The AC Unit is Making Strange Sounds

With the advancement of technology, air conditioners now run with practically no sounds emitted from the system. So, if you notice screeching, banging, or other unusual noises, there’s a good chance that something is failing or has already failed. 

The most common reasons why your air conditioner may be making noise include:

  • A broken motor on the condenser system or compressor
  • The motor fan inside your home is damaged
  • Defective or damaged electrical contactor relay switch
  • Loose or unbalanced fan blades
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • An obstruction

As you can see, there are many reasons why you can hear the uncommon noise. However, having a licensed contractor assess your equipment is the only way to know for sure. Never try and do this alone. It’s dangerous, and you may cause more harm than good.

The Air Conditioner Will Not Shut Off

Most wonder what to do if the AC stops working, but what if it keeps running continuously and won’t shut off? That could still indicate the need for an emergency AC repair in TX. There are numerous reasons that your AC won’t shut off, including components that are malfunctioning, like a clogged air filter, a defective electrical relay switch, or frozen evaporator coils.

An AC unit that won’t shut off can quickly lower the temperature inside a home or commercial building to levels that aren’t accommodating. In addition, it’s wasting a ton of electricity that costs money. It’s an AC emergency, and homeowners should call a professional immediately to have the problem accurately diagnosed.

You Smell Odd Odors Coming from Your Air Conditioner

Just like with strange noise, odd odors also often indicate the requirement for an emergency AC repair in TX. The smell isn’t an accident. There’s a reason why the aromas start to become noticeable, and that’s because there is something wrong. Chances are it means that your AC is excessively dirty and perhaps even clogged up. If your AC isn’t properly maintained, there will be obstructions present that won’t allow it to drain adequately. When this occurs, the water, debris, and dirt build-up and essentially fester to the point that you can smell it.

Call an expert to come and take a look. It’s most common that your equipment needs to be cleaned, and if the emergency AC repair technician is there with the unit open, they will likely complete the service for you on the spot.

The AC System Can’t Be Controlled with the Thermostat

In some cases, the reason that your AC unit can’t be controlled with the thermostat is that it needs to be replaced. Over time, thermostats get damaged, require repair, or have issues with activating your system. 

Other times, your thermostat might not respond correctly to your thermostat because of a problem with the cooling system. Frequently it’s something like a blocked air filter or other dirty components within the system.

Finally, there could be a disconnect somewhere that won’t allow power to get to your thermostat from your AC unit or vice versa. It’s always a good idea to first check your breaker boxes and other standard homeowner-responsible connections like where the unit is connected to a power unit, before panicking. If those seem to be intact and functioning as expected, your next step is to contact an expert.

If you don’t know whether it’s a thermostat issue or an air conditioner problem, a qualified HVAC technician will be able to do it for you. There are tests and inspections they are trained in, and they can quickly determine what the problem is so that you can decide what you want to do to remedy the situation.

Always Call in the Pros for Emergency AC Repair in TX

Instead of scratching your head and trying to determine what is considered an emergency on an AC unit, keep this information in mind if you assume something is failing concerning your system. In addition, all homeowners and business operators without proper training in HVAC should always call a trained heating and cooling technician to do the evaluation and service.

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