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How High Can You Have Your Fencing? (Max Fence Height)

If you’re a homeowner looking to install a yard fence then you need to know exactly how high you can have your fence. In case you didn’t know, there is a limit on how high a yard fence can be. This height may actually change based on where you live, for example, maybe you live in an HOA area. Either way, there are a lot of unknown rules about yard fences so if you’re in the market for one then be sure to keep reading on to figure out just how high you can have your fence. 

What Is The Highest Fence You Can Put Up?

When it comes to how high a yard fence can be there are actually a few factors that can affect this answer. Firstly, your restrictions might differ based on where you live. Some city rules are different from others and if you live in a place with HOA then your restrictions might be different as well. 

Typically any yard fencing can be up to six feet high based on current laws. Again, this may fluctuate and we typically see four feet limits in some areas. Also, if your fence is in the front yard or 15 feet away from the road then you can only have your fence four feet tall. 

If you’re unsure about what height you can have your fence then we recommend talking to your city, HOA, or other organizers behind these rules just to get an exact measurement for the height limit. This will help you avoid costly re-do’s later on if you need to adjust the height. For more information, please visit fencecompanyofkansascity.com.

Why Are There Restrictions On Fence Height?

There are a few reasons why these restrictions are put on fence height. The main reason is for safety and visibility. If you have an eight foot fence then you may block the view of the road for drivers, neighbors, or yourself. It also blocks vision of other things as well such as children playing. Another reason that these restrictions are put in place is that your fence also affects your neighbors. If your fence is too tall this can block air flow and sunlight, plus it can affect the success of gardening. Some HOAs have a specific fence height as well as fence type and this is usually to keep things uniform and neighborly. 

How To Get Approval For A Taller Fence

If you want taller fencing or have a reason for needing taller fencing then you are able to apply for that. Homeowners can apply for a fencing permit. Filling out a fencing permit application is necessary in a lot of cases. Some states require a fence permit for certain fence material types. Most states require a fence permit for fencing that is above their height limit.

 For example, if your state has a six foot height limit on fencing and you want an eight foot fence, then you can submit an application. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get approved, but it is an option. It’s important to remember that sometimes you may need a fence permit no matter what depending on your state, material, and height. 

How To Choose What Height To Put Your Fence

Figuring out what height you should put your fence is based on what your intentions are for the fence. There are many reasons that you could get a fence whether that be to protect your garden or enclose your pool. Knowing exactly how high you need your fence will help avoid having to have them redone at a taller or shorter height. Let’s take a look at some reasons for getting a fence and what height works best for it. 

Enclosing Your Pets: If your goal is to keep your pets safe and enclosed while letting them enjoy the outside then a six foot fence should do. Most dogs can’t comfortably jump a six foot fence and overall it will keep your dog contained. If you find that your dog cannot jump or doesn’t jump then you may be able to get away with a shorter fence. 

Pool Fences: Pool fences are meant to restrict access to people and they are typically required by law. Most pool fences are just four feet tall, but some states or cities might have different requirements. 

For Looks/Definition: Some people simply want a fence for the looks or to outline their property. These fences don’t need to be tall and they typically are around three feet tall. This would be your typical picket fence. 

Privacy: If you’re wanting to keep your area private and want to restrict access to those around you then you should consider a six foot fence. Six foot fencing is a common height and is great for keeping animals in and people out. 

Fencing Height And Restrictions

Fencing height is a topic that isn’t always talked about in the homeowner’s world, but it’s a popular choice among homeowners. People love to get fencing for their homes and knowing what types of restrictions there are for them, whether that be HOA or city limits, makes it much easier when choosing a fence. It also helps to avoid costly re-do’s if your fence is too tall, short, etc. If you’re looking to install fencing around your home then you should first contact your city or HOA to confirm height limits, material types, and colors. Then contact a fencing company to have it installed. 

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