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How Much for Vinyl Fence Installation? – Cost Guide

If you’re a homeowner looking into vinyl fences then you might be wondering about vinyl fence installation costs. The pricing of fencing is important when it comes to estimating how much you’ll be paying and also setting a budget for the project. We’re going to dive in and give you an estimate of how much vinyl fence installation can cost, what factors go into how it’s priced, and any other things that you might need to know for when it comes to choosing a fence for your home. 

Cost of Vinyl Fence Installation 

Typically for vinyl fence installation, the average cost is about $3,200, but the range of cost can be from $2,000 to $6,000 for the entire fence installation. One thing that you need to know is that fencing can be determined by the amount of product and coverage used.

 Vinyl fencing is a very versatile material and therefore it can be open fencing like a Pickett style, or it can be fully closed privacy fencing. The price will vary between the two. Learn more on our website at https://fencecompanyofkansascity.com/.

What Factors Go Into Fencing Cost?

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to fencing cost which is why it’s important to know how the prices can fluctuate between certain fencing types. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when it comes to how vinyl fence installation is priced. 

Material: The number one thing that can change the price is the material. For example, vinyl fencing is more affordable, but if there is a need for a heavily private fence then you’ll be using more material, which will result in a higher cost. 

Feet of Fence: Many companies charge based on how long the fence is so the bigger your yard or the area you’re looking to enclose, the more expensive it will be. Typically they may charge per foot, so if the company charges $10 per foot for a 100-foot fence then you can expect to pay about $1,000 for that entire fence. 

Extras: Extras such as a gate or latches can be more expensive. If you have other materials such as vinyl and iron then this must be accounted for as well. Other extras include doggy doors, lighting, security, and much more. 

The Terrain or Accessibility: Sometimes fences are difficult to install due to the ground underneath them. With that being said, if it takes the company more time and labor, or if it’s just more difficult in general then it may be more costly as well. 

Permits: Fencing installation companies will probably need to get permits in order to build a fence on your land. They’ll have to acquire these permits themselves, which can cost them money or time, so typically there will be a charge associated with that. 

Design Intricacy: The design of the fence can determine the cost as well. If you have a very simple to assemble and build a fence that is quite standard then the cost will be much less than someone else who is looking to install a fence with difficult design aspects. 

What Is The Cheapest Fence To Install? 

PVC, or vinyl, fencing is the cheapest type of fence to install. This is because the material is cheap, accessible, and easy to work with. Many companies have experience working with PVC fencing which can make it easy to find someone to get the job done. 

PVC fencing can cost up to $30 per linear foot, in comparison to more expensive materials such as iron which can cost up to $60 per linear foot. 

Does A Vinyl Fence Increase Home Value? 

Vinyl fences are a great investment no matter what, but knowing whether or not they increase home value can help you to make a decision that’s best for you. Any type of fence can increase your home value quite a bit. 

Essentially your home value will go up regardless of what type of fence you put in. Not only will it increase your home value, but it can add an extra selling feature to your home which can help it to sell. Many home buyers will be happy to have a home with a fence already installed. 

Is Vinyl Fence Installation Worth It?

If you’re looking for a more affordable fencing material option then vinyl fencing is for you. It’s not too expensive, it’s quite easy to install, and it also adds value to your home. No matter what, there are always going to be benefits of adding in a vinyl fence such as boosting curb appeal, containing pets or children, and adding an extra layer of protection and privacy to your home. The cost of vinyl fence installation is well worth it. 

The Bottom Line 

Ultimately vinyl fencing is one of the best fencing options. It’s important to know what to expect with the cost of it, but it’s also important to know that vinyl fencing is one of the cheapest materials that you can use for a fence. It’s super accessible, easy to install, and not too expensive of a material. Vinyl fence installation can cost up to $6,000, but that’s a great price for a fence with little to no maintenance once it’s installed. 

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