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Quartz Vs. Quartzite: What are the Differences?

Aside from kitchen cabinet refacing Irvine, homeowners can also update the look of their kitchen by changing the countertops with durable materials. Kitchen cabinet refacing Huntington Beach can help make existing kitchen cabinets look brand new without spending much money on custom remodeling.

Regarding kitchen countertops, homeowners can opt for a wide range of materials suitable for one’s kitchens. Quartz and quartzite are some of the available countertop materials among homeowners.

Quartz is a material made from natural silicon dioxide integrated with synthetic materials, and it is available in various colors. On the other hand, quartzite is a countertop material made from natural metamorphic rock mined and sawed into slabs. The colors of quartzite can range from different shades of white and gray. Some quartzite countertops also have red and pink veins composed of iron oxide that bonds with the natural stone.

One of the crucial differences between quartz and quartzite is its porosity or permeability. Quartz is a non-porous material since it is an engineered countertop that does not allow any moisture, microbes, or spills to enter its surface.

Quartzite from natural stone must be sealed with adhesive acrylic, polyurethanes, or wax. Without sealing, it can absorb any liquids and microbes that lead to stains and damage in the long term. Replacing the seal of quartzite countertops annually can help prevent the material from wearing out.

Heat resistance is another difference between quartz and quartzite. Quartzite is more heat resistant than quartz. One can safely place hot pans and dishes on quartzite countertops without worrying about damage. Meanwhile, quartz is fragile and prone to damage if hot objects are placed on it in the long term. The best way to take care of quartz countertops is by using heat protector mats or trivets when placing hot materials.

For more information about the differences between quartz and quartzite, here is an infographic provided by Mr. Cabinet Care.

Quartz Vs. Quartzite: What are the Differences?    Infographic     Published        November 2, 2022            https://www.mrcabinetcare.com/quartz-vs-quartzite-differences-infographic/

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