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Different Wood Options You Can Choose For Your Kitchen Cabinets

When planning a renovation of your kitchen and looking at the kitchen cabinets, there are many options of different woods you can use for them. The wood you choose for your kitchen cabinets will significantly affect the overall look and feel of the room and can also affect the renovation project’s cost. You will want to select a wood that suits your needs and the aesthetics you want to create, and below, you can find some options that you can consider for your kitchen design.

Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Pine is one of the most abundant woods used in kitchen cabinets, and this softwood is one of the most affordable options for your kitchen. The pine matures well when you take excellent care of it and is a versatile option for your kitchen. You can stain it or paint it, and it looks fantastic, and you can also see the grain of the wood, but because pine is a softwood, it can get marked and damaged easier than other options. A reputable Shrewsbury joinery firm will have many options of pine cabinets from which you can choose, which can look fantastic when installed in your home.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

From one of the cheapest options to one of the most expensive, maple is another wood you can consider for your kitchen cabinets. Maple is a hardwood, which means it is durable and will not dent or mark as easily as pine. Whether you use paint or stain on your maple cabinets, the wood grain will shop up spectacularly, and your maple cabinets can last for many years when you take care of them. The wood will darken over time, so keep this in mind when deciding on stain or paint and select an appropriate shade or colour.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for durable wood that can stand the rigours of modern family living, hickory kitchen cabinets may be the perfect solution. With hickory kitchen cabinets, you will not see water damage, nicks, or cracks in the wood, and it looks fantastic when stained or with a nice colour of paint. It is an expensive option for your kitchen, but your hickory cabinets can last for several decades and keep looking as fantastic as the day you installed them.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Another hardwood that is popular for use in kitchen cabinets is oak, which is a hard and durable wood that is readily available. Oak has a lovely grain, and it takes paint and stain well, and compared to other hardwoods, it is a relatively affordable option to consider for your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets can help them last longer and can provide a protective layer for the wood, and for durability, you should consider using enamel paint on your kitchen cabinets.

These are a few options available when selecting the type of wood that you want to use for your kitchen cabinets, but other options are available. You can click here to see more options you can consider for your kitchen that can help ensure your kitchen looks fantastic and is durable.

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